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John Wolfington

John Wolfington (SLR43)

Track Listing:

1. 12 mph
2. Ageless Sky
3. Race the Sun
4. Curves
5. Great Divide
6. Wire
7. Coney Island
8. Maybe
9. Fade to Black
10. Endless Mine

The initial salvo in in what's sure to be one thrilling lighting-ride. Trace elements of Cat Power, Arab Strap, and Echo & the Bunnymen all turn up, but the album transcends these influences with it's strongly original songs and classically nuanced performances and production. Standout tracks include 'Twelve Miles Per Hour', a stripped down drum loop and guitar lament, 'Ageless Sky', an uptempo, SY-influenced full-band workout, and the album's closer, 'Endless Mine', which churns urgently before burning out in a blissful blue croon.

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