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Two Dollar Guitar

Train Songs (SLR28)

Instrumental recordings by Tim Foljahn, Dave Motamed + Steve Shelley

Track Listing:

1. Patagonia
2. Virginia Creeper
3. Oiseau Bleu
4. Flying Crow
5. Cascade
6. Erie Lackawana
7. Silver Meteor
8. Conversation With Myself
9. Turnaround
10. Asheville Special
11. Etoile Du Nord
12. Morning Zephyr
13. Danville Flyer
14. Twilight Limited
15. Southern Crescent
16. Ghost Train
17. Palmland

This CD of instrumental improvisations reveals a new facet of the trio's
work altogether. Darkly spun but still always hopeful, the music continues
to chart a course through the classic riddims/motifs of American song,
exploring and exploding conventions along the way. Think how a train slides
across countryside, smoothly punching its course, piercing lush prairie or
flush forests. Think of high, certain velocities - the sexyness of speed and the theatrics and mythologies of criminal lore, or empty boxcar stowaways and highclass dining car patrons. Tophatted 1800s folk with false smiles and smoking tiredly...

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